NASA continues Saturn research

NASA continues Saturn research

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The Cassini Spacecraft is sending us the closest images of Saturn ever and gathering vital information about Saturn.

Source: NASA

A close-up shot of the planet's rings revealed dashes in the rings, which NASA scientists call Propellers. Scientists are not sure what cause these bright, white lines, but they have seen this feature in previous images. This particle picture gives the most close-up view of the Propellers.

Another picture of Saturn shows an interesting feature in its atmosphere. Saturn appears to have a hexagonal shaped jet stream with a large hurricane-like feature in the center of the north pole. This hurricane is thought to be about 50 times larger than one on earth and has been lasting for decades.

The northern portion of Saturn was in a shadow, but now it is directed towards the sun. This is giving Cassini time to get an in-depth view of the northern portion of Saturn's atmosphere. Due to Saturn's distance from the sun, the sunlight is only about 1% of what it is on Earth.

Cassini will continue to research Saturn before it makes a final dive into the planet's atmosphere in September.

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