Avoid 'avocado hand' with sharper knives and folded towel

Avoid 'avocado hand' with sharper knives and folded towel

(NBC NEWS) - Once shunned for its high fat content, the avocado is now revered in kitchens across America for its amazing heart healthy benefits, but the guacamole-starter's place in the spotlight may be spoiling.

Just ask anyone who's tried to cut open the green fruit and ended up slicing right through their hand instead.

"You can injure anything from tendons to nerves to blood vessels," warned Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Thomas Waters.

One problem is the big slippery pit in the middle. People tend to use a big knife to whack it out of there.

It has been reported that a plastic surgeon in United Kingdom suggested the problem is so bad that avocados should come with warning labels.

Most doctor's will not go that far, but will offer a few safety tips instead.

First, don't hold anything you're trying to cut. Place it on a cutting board. If you must hold it, put a folded towel between the fruit and your hand.

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Second, sharpen your knives.

"A very sharp knife is actually safer," Dr. Waters explained. "It's more accurate and you're able to do what you need to do. It's actually the dull knives that lead to injuries."

The potential for long term injury is real. Deep cuts to nerves or tendons can take weeks to months to heal.

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