Returning online purchases has never been easier

(WMC / SWEEPSFEED) - Allison King loves online shopping for its convenience. But, she doesn't enjoy the uncertainty that comes with it.

"You really never know. Everything varies. The size and style," King said.

She was thrilled to discover, a company that allows her to send back her online purchases at a kiosk in her local mall.

"I didn't even need a box. It was that simple," she said.

In just two minutes, the company took Allison's email and scanned her item. Then, it took care of the return and she was on her way. Her account was later reimbursed.

Amazon is now in the game, too. It offers lockers at a growing number of locations, like convenience stores. You get a special code to open specific lockers.

UPS also offers lockers, and works with some merchants for free pickup.

Consumer expert Kyle Taylor with said, "We've seen some really interesting partnerships where retailers are working together or with shippers to make it easier for consumers to return things."

It's not just about lockers and kiosks. For example, you can return purchases from flash sale site at your local Nordstrom store.

Taylor said the purchase is no longer the end of the story for shoppers, and companies know it.

While the new options aren't quite as easy as purchasing in pj's, proponents said there is a big advantage.

"You'll also avoid the hassle of standing in a line at USPS or UPS," Taylor explains.

Allison said letting someone else handle her return makes her one happy customer.

"Convenience is key for me," she said.

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