Cellphone video shows disorderly passenger removed from Memphis flight

DALLAS (WMC) - An unruly passenger was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight, delaying the flight for an hour.

Cellphone video shows the confrontation on board a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas Love Field to Memphis International Airport. 

The woman who recorded the video and other passengers pleaded with the woman to go with police off the plane but the passenger refused.

In fact, at one point she seemed to encourage other passengers to take cell phone video of the incident.

The woman who shot the video said that Dallas police officers finally got her off the flight and after making everyone get off the plane, the flight made it to Memphis one hour late

Southwest released a statement, saying in part there was a disruptive customer on flight 1571 from Dallas to Memphis.

"We requested that the passenger deplane the aircraft for safety reasons and after she refused, we contacted local authorities for assistance."

The incident not only delayed passengers, it also put police and flight attendants in awkward positions as a critical eye continues to watch the airline industry's behavior with the traveling public.

Passengers said they believe the woman may have been intoxicated.

Southwest Airlines officials said that intoxicated people cannot board a plane per Federal Aviation regulations, and that flight attendants are trained to identify the necessary signs.

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