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Family dog escapes MAS kennel

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Memphis Animal Services is looking for a dog that escaped from its custody more than one week ago.

MAS said Lanie, a family dog, was taken for routine quarantine after biting someone. However, while in an MAS truck, Lanie escaped her kennel.

Lanie's owners said she has broken out of their kennel before, but before MAS took her, the owners were forced to remove her collar to avoid risk of choking while in the cage. They claim they weren't notified until the next day that she was missing. The owners also said they were not told by MAS that one of their options was to take her to the vet themselves instead of being taken by truck to be quarantined.

MAS shared Lanie's photo across social media since she escaped while in the group's custody.

From MAS:

Lanie escaped from a kennel that had been used successfully earlier that same day. The owners saw our officer close the door to the kennel when she was picked up near Walnut Grove & High Point Terrace. It wasn’t until she got to Whitten & Raleigh LaGrange and happened to lean over toward the passenger seat of the vehicle that the officer noticed the door was open, and Lanie was no longer in the kennel. The door was on the passenger side of the vehicle, so the officer unfortunately wouldn’t have been able to see it during the course of regular driving. The kennel Lanie was in is broken now—it is no longer in use. Our investigation into the matter has determined that it wasn’t human error that allowed Lanie to get out—it was the truck/kennel itself. The owners stated that Lanie had broken out of her kennel before, so we can probably assume she was trying to get out. Still, she obviously shouldn’t have been able to get out, and that is why that kennel on the officer’s truck is not in use right now, and we are inspecting the other kennels to make sure they are safe until the vehicle is decommissioned in July 2017 as was already scheduled. - Memphis Animal Services

Memphis Police Department has also been tasked with searching for Lanie. The department canvassed the area near Raleigh LaGrange where MAS said Lanie escaped.

Call MAS at (901) 636-7297 if you see Lanie.

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