Man captured on video hurling racial slurs at state representative

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Tennessee State Representative caught a racial road rage incident on camera, but the man accused said that's not what happened.

The racial slur caught on camera happened on Stage Road. What the man didn't know was that he was hurling a slur at Tennessee State Representative Antonio Parkinson.

"He was swerving back and forth. He was trying to get in front of me; he got behind me," Parkinson said. "He was trying to block me from going in different lanes."

Parkinson said the man screamed swear words and racist slurs at him after a disagreement in a work zone.

Parkinson said the man followed him, driving erratically for four miles on Stage Road from Bartlett Road to Germantown Parkway. He said the entire time the man had a young child in the backseat.

"Most importantly that baby does not deserve to be put in a hazardous situation, nor does that baby deserve to have his little blank slate written with hate speech on it," Parkinson said.

Adam Purdue is the man Parkinson got into the encounter with, and the man recorded in the video.

Purdue, however, said Parkinson is lying about what happened.

"That's not the whole story," Purdue said. "He called me everything under the sun and he told me, he said 'I'll beat the brakes off you white boy.'"

He claims Parkinson was the instigator.

"That's not something you would do with your daughter in the car," Purdue said. "I was trying my very best to get away from this guy and he would not leave me alone."

The men tell two different stories, but we know one thing for sure.

Purdue did use a racial slur toward Parkinson.

He said he feels terrible for using the word and if he could, he would do anything to take it back.

Parkinson said he hopes the video will show the community that there is still a long way to go with race relations in the Mid-South.

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