Loved ones share insight into spiraling descent ending in Facebook live suicide

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A group therapy session was held at Minglewood Hall after a man committed suicide outside a Memphis bar last week.

The support group took place Friday evening next door to Murphy's, where Jared McLemore ran inside after he set himself on fire live on Facebook last Friday.

"Deep down inside, there was a part of him that knew he had issues," said Chloe Evans, who dated Jared McLemore at one time.

Evans dated McLemore for approximately a month and said she realized his severe mental issues were something she could not handle.

According to witnesses, McLemore was a musician. He committed suicide in front of Murphy's to try to get revenge on his former girlfriend, Alyssa Moore, who works inside as the audio engineer.

"He was threatening to kill himself, but Alyssa as well," Evans said.

She said McLemore was spiraling out of control in the days leading up to Friday. She became extremely concerned when he posted a picture with a gun to his head on Facebook threatening suicide and even more.

"He was saying he was planning to go to a hospital, which he did not," she said.

However, the way McLemore chose to kill himself is not a surprise to her.

"I think he did it in such a dramatic way because he not only wanted to hurt himself, more importantly, to hurt other people - especially Alyssa," she said.

Moore said the relationship with McLemore was violent at times and she had reported it to police.

"People witnessed this on Facebook, people witnessed this live," said Alyssa's mother Catherine Glosson. "Just out having a fun Friday night, there are people who love Jared just trying to cope with his loss and the way that he did it."

Someone set up a GoFundMe page for Moore because of the trauma.

We're told she is using part of the money to organize the support group session for people who witnessed McLemore's suicide and anyone else who was impacted by it.

Glosson said she hopes the tragedy inspires people to reach out to those who may be suffering from mental issues to try to get them help.

Evans is just hoping for some change.

"I really wanted to share a better understanding of the situation as it pertains to domestic violence and mental health issues and the way our community responds to these issues," Evans said.

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