Shooting victim uses Facebook Live to call for end to violence

Ishmael and his wife Kanaka (Source: Ishmael Anderson)
Ishmael and his wife Kanaka (Source: Ishmael Anderson)
Ishmael and his twin sons (Source: Ishmael Anderson)
Ishmael and his twin sons (Source: Ishmael Anderson)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Hours after a father was shot in the neck, he posted a Facebook Live video, showing the world a glimpse of the injury that nearly took his life.

Police say Ishmael Anderson was an innocent bystander shot in the neck by a random bullet outside of his own home on Goodlett Road Wednesday.

"I was pleading for help!" Anderson said. "I must say the amount of blood I was losing, even though I was holding it I just - I didn't think I was going to survive."  

He was washing a car when the violence broke out.

His twin boys were inside of his truck, and his wife drove to work just 10 minutes before.

So, he turned to Facebook to spread awareness to end these senseless crimes.

Witnesses told Memphis Police a gray Chevy Malibu pulled up. Two teenage suspects got out of the car, and one began to brawl with another boy near Anderson's driveway.

"As they got back in the car, you know I kind of thought the situation was over," Anderson said. "Once again I resume what I was doing and as they was around the curb ... the guy yelled out something. Then he fired a shot. And just so happened to hit me."

Anderson was shot from behind but surprisingly has two exit wounds, as well as the bullet.

"Yes, it's still inside," Anderson said. "They said it probably would complicate things more if I had it removed."

His life and the Facebook video are his testaments to the power of a weapon in the wrong hands.

"You fired one single shot and you hit someone that didn't have nothing to do with the situation," Anderson said. "So, that just proves that you don't have to have a semi-automatic weapon to accidentally hurt somebody."

It's a brush with death his family wants others to learn from.

"A father could have been took from his children," said his wife Kanaka. "A husband from his wife. He's a brother, a son, uncle. "

In spite of the circumstances, the family says they forgive this teen accused of the crime.

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