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Clearing skies as we begin the week

Skies clear tonight; Monday is mostly sunny Skies clear tonight; Monday is mostly sunny

It was a watch-and-wait Saturday, as most of the Mid-South was in a slight risk of severe weather. The same system that brought large and devastating tornadoes to the Mid-West moved into our neck of the woods yesterday in its much-weakened form.

What saved us from a busy day? Morning rain!

Typically, the heating of the day combined with sunshine helps to destabilize the atmosphere and help pop afternoon thunderstorms. Oftentimes, ahead of a powerful cold front, supercells may form, bringing with them torrential rain, hail, wind and even tornadoes. On the other hand, if your morning is filled with showers and clouds, it helps to put a lid on afternoon thunderstorm development. That’s what happened Saturday, with showers and rain across much of the Memphis metro. Storms really started to blow up East of the area, giving Nashville flooding rain and severe weather Saturday afternoon.

As we clear tonight, we'll be watching for more clouds late Monday afternoon and even a slight chance for a few late showers and storms (non-severe) into Tuesday as a cold front moves through. While the end of the end is dry, the Memorial Day holiday forecast may bring more wet weather to the area. Stay tuned as we fine-tune the all-important weekend forecast!

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak

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