Prison Posts: A convicted killer taunts family on social media from prison

Prison Posts: A convicted killer taunts family on social media from prison
(Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A woman's husband was murdered in cold blood, shot in the face by a Memphis teenager during a robbery four years ago.

Now, it's a slap in the face to the victim's widow, whose killer proudly proclaims on social media that being locked up can't stop him.

Pose after pose, post after post, a man convicted of killing JP Shelley in 2013 is taunting the widow and her two children from behind bars.

"It's so disgusting," Beverly Shelley said. "He's a murderer. He's a cold-blooded murderer, who executed my husband."

JP Shelley was a contractor doing an estimate with a coworker at a vacant house in Parkway Village when three teenagers killed him.

"They have robbed my family of such a wonderful man and robbed the community of such a wonderful man," she said.

It's what Derek Cunningham, also known as "Crim Munhey," is posting to his Facebook page after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

Photos, which were taken from inside Northwest Correctional Complex where he is serving a 30-year sentence, show Cunningham flashing gang signs, posing with cell mates, and tagging his posts with the hashtag #FreeMe.

Beverly said the man who killed her husband logs onto Facebook often and, from the looks of it, is having a good time in prison.

"Very disgusted and it really has opened my eyes to gang life in Memphis," she said. "They glorify this behavior and that appears to be continuing in the prison system."

WMC Action News 5's Sasha Jones reached out to Northwest Correctional Complex and Tennessee Department of Corrections.

"Inmates are forbidden to use electronic devices, such as cell phones, to use social media or video chat ... The introduction of contraband into a state facility is a very serious offense," said a TDOC representative.

"This hostile, violent lifestyle in prison doesn't appear to have had a change of heart," Beverly said. "It's very concerning to me."

Beverly said Cunningham's social media activity doesn't look like justice for her husband. She said it would be easier to forgive him if he showed some sort of remorse for what he did.

"Still chose to shoot my husband in the face," she said. "And he's living it up in prison." 

Derek Cunningham filed an appeal apparently concerning denial of his constitutional rights. Just over a year ago, he posted to his Facebook page from prison, "Still waiting on appeals when snitches get a deal."

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