Collierville PD looks to curb vandalism

Collierville PD looks to curb vandalism

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC) - There have been multiple cases of vandalism in Collierville, and the police department is demanding they come to an end.

Markings such as "BAE" being carved along the boardwalk railing, tire marks through open fields, and spray painted walls on Collierville schools are all acts of vandalism CPD is making an effort to end. Even though vandalism may seem harmless to those who do it, it is costing Collierville taxpayers the most. Correcting these problems can be expensive costing, on average, $5,000 a year to fix these damages.

Collierville Police Department is asking for help from the Collierville residents to fight against the vandalism of properties in the area. Director of General Services, Derek Honeycutt, states, "someone who damages public property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

CPD caught and charged juveniles with five counts of vandalism for graffiti on school buildings; they are now going through the juvenile court process.

Collierville Police Department strongly encourage residents to report anything they see and know regarding vandalism by contacting CPD non-emergency number: 901-853-3207.

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