FL woman finds python in laundry

FL woman finds python in laundry

COCOA, FL (WMC) - COCOA, FL (WESH) - Police were called to a Cocoa, Florida, home when an uninvited guest was found inside.

The homeowner said the slithering intruder almost ate her pet.

"This is Princess," said Juanita Tedesco, talking about her pet rat.

Tedesco's pet rat almost became a meal for a Ball python that was found in her home.

"It would be a good meal, but I think Princess might win, though. She's nippy, and she bites and she's real moody," Tedesco said.

Tedesco found the snake as she rinsed off blankets the rat uses.

"He was trying to eat the blanket. He had the blanket totally in his mouth," Tedesco said. "It was really gross."

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