Woman's Hickory Hill home used as dumping ground

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A homeowner returned to her home to cleanup after a fire, only to learn that someone had been using her property as a dumping ground.

Food, clothes, hair, pill bottles, license plates...you name it, Teresa Pamphlet found it in her yard.

Pamphlet lived the last 20 years in Hickory Hill. Then in December, her home on Sandy Park Drive near East Shelby Drive caught fire. Months later, when Pamphlet returned to clean up the damage, her property became someone's dumping ground.

"I came home with the contractors and all of this was in the front yard," Pamphlet said.

Heaps of trash made a trail from her mailbox across the sidewalk into her yard.

She said after speaking with neighbors she uncovered pictures of the people who had been dumping trash on her property.

"They dropped it all of at one time. They had a trailer and they just dumped everything that had in that trailer into the front of my home," Pamphlet said.

WMC Action News 5 investigator Tiffany Neely tracked down where the trash came from. It turned out to be a home about 8 miles from Pamphlet's property.

An eviction notice placed on the door stated the house was owned by Brookfield Properties.

Neighbors said they saw the men suspected of dumping trash on Pamphlet's property at the house earlier this month.

"They came over to clean out the house, because the people had moved," neighbor Jeanetta Davis said.

Pamphlet said she just wants this mess cleaned up so she can be one step closer to getting back into her home.

"I shouldn't have to clean it up when I didn't put it here," Pamphlet said.

Memphis Police Department said a case like this could be prosecuted as vandalism or littering, depending on the facts given to an investigator.

Pamphlet said she planned to file a police report as soon as possible.

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