Dad saves kids moments before trees crashes through ceiling

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - One father's quick thinking led him to a life-saving decision as storms rolled through Saturday night.

Eric Walton said he saved his children just moments before a tree came crashing down through their roof.

"First the lights went out, then we heard a crash on the roof," Walton said.

Walton said he was woken up around 10 p.m. during Saturday night's storm and knew something wasn't right.

"That's when we saw the lightening flash from inside of the house," Walton said.

He rushed to his children's bedroom carrying them to safety. Moments later, part of a tree burst through the roof, and the ceiling buckled in under the immense pressure.

Wooden stakes and debris now rest where his children were sleeping.

"I was expecting worse but as soon as I pulled them out of there it caved in, it caved in the room," Walton said.

He said seeing the room in the daylight is a view that shakes him. Without his quick reaction, he fears what could have happened.

"Trying to wrap my head around it," Walton said.

Now, he like many other families in the city are trying to figure out their next step.

WMC Action News 5 spoke with other families in the area living in homes damaged by the storm. Many like Walton are renters.

With the holiday weekend and emergency lines overloaded by callers, they don't know when they'll hear back to find out what that next step will take.

"Landlord, we can't even get in touch with him right now and then with tomorrow being a holiday we probably won't hear from them till Tuesday," Walton said.

Red Cross representatives were seen throughout neighborhoods providing information with resources to help.

Click here for a list of restaurants and resources available for those affected by the storms.

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