MFD: 2 burned in Whitehaven fire after 'careless use of generator'

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two people were injured in a fire in Whitehaven on Monday, according to Memphis Fire Department.

MFD said two people were putting fuel in a generator when it caught on fire at approximately 11:30 a.m.

The fire started near the back of the property.

"We determined the cause and origin of this fire was the careless use of a generator," Lt. Wayne Cook said.

According to MFD, the two people tried to refuel the generator while it was still running. It's a dangerous act that the fire department warns against doing.

"Make sure they're cut off when you're refueling them," Cook said.

He said the generators should be set up at least 20 feet away from any structure and should not be indoors to prevent fires and potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Both were taken to the hospital and treated for third-degree burns.

If you find out your generator is not working properly, return it. Never leave one unattended.

"When you leave home, make sure you disconnect and turn that generator off," Cook said.

For first time buyers of a generator, Cook warns people to read the manufacturer's instructions and follow them exactly as they are written.

The two people rushed to the hospital have been released and are recovering.

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