Is your tree a danger? Experts reveal secrets to spotting tree liability

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Saturday's storm ripped through the Mid-South, toppling trees and damaging homes.

Tree experts said it's important to know when to get rid of a tree. Waiting too long to take care of a dangerous tree could play a role in the tree crashing down on your property.

Tree companies have been busy cleaning up the aftermath of the storm, but they said you should know how to determine if a tree in your yard is a danger to your home. In addition, there are maintenance steps you can take to stop your tree from becoming a danger.

Mister Tree owner Robin Wingardh said thinning is one step.

"Have them thinned out. Have them dead-wooded, because if the canopy is really dense, it's going to catch a lot more wind and be more likely to split," Wingardh said.

His company cleaned up 50 trees since Saturday, and he said business has not slowed down.

The same goes for other tree companies such as Memphis Tree Service.

Andrew Williams with Memphis Tree Service said Frayser saw the most downed trees and though the trees were healthy, the storm was just too powerful.

"When you get winds in excess of 100 miles an hour, there's nothing you can do to prevent that," Williams said.

But, there are some signs you can look for to determine if your tree is unhealthy:

  • If you see the edges of canopy start dying
  • The tree is dropping a lot of dead limbs
  • If you see fungus at the base of the tree

If you see those signs, you should call a professional.

"It may be growing over your home or right next to a power line, that may be the tree to look at to say hey, do we need that tree there," Williams said.

Many arborists and tree experts in Memphis do free consultations.

An expert will be able to tell you if your tree is an asset or a liability.

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