Community supports storm victims still without power

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Many families are still without power days after the storm has passed.

Now, one group is doing what they can to help these families during their time of need.

Since Sunday, Binghampton residents have suffered in the heat without any electricity after strong winds knocked down their power lines. 

"Yeah, we need something done and you know it's children over here," said resident Corita Webber. "It's people on oxygen and they really need their utilities back."

They are living in darkness with no AC and no food.

"I hope that they can do it a little bit faster ... you know come out and service us," said resident William Carter. "It's been days and where I stay at ... it ain't fit for no human! No human!"

They are now finding some relief since the Neighborhood Christian Centers Inc. came by to pass out breakfast, lunch, and dinner to those in need.

"Well, I thank them because it's a lot of people around here that need it and stuff!" Webber said.  

The Group's CEO said at least 50 people came by their tent at Chickasaw Place Apartments on Wednesday, and they expect more later this week.

"When you already are in a situation when you are barely making ends meet and then you have something as catastrophic as this ... that you cannot control, whatever food you had is now gone," said Ephie Johnson, CEO of The Neighborhood Christian Centers Inc.  

It's a helping hand these families say they are grateful for as they take on more difficulties ahead.

"It's pretty devastating ... some people have lost everything they've had and they're having to make quick decisions," Johnson said. "Am I going to have to pay for more food --- am I going to pay for rent?"

The group needs more volunteers to help pack lunches Thursday from 9 a.m. – noon at their headquarters at 785 Jackson Avenue.

Call (901) 881-6013 for more information.

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