TN ranks as 9th-best state for jobs

TN ranks as 9th-best state for jobs

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Do you live in a state that is good for jobs? If you are in Washington, the answer is 'Yes!'

WalletHub recently released a new list of the best and worst states for jobs for 2017.

Washington topped the list, followed by Colorado, New Hampshire and South Dakota. Tennessee ranked ninth on the list.

Another Mid-South state made the list, down at the very bottom. Mississippi ranked 46th on the list, making it one of the worst states for jobs, beating out only Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana and West Virginia.

Analysts compared the 50 states across 24 key indicators of job-market strength, opportunity and economic vitality.

The data set ranges from employment growth to median annual income to average commute time.

Best States for Jobs:

  1. Washington
  2. Colorado
  3. New Hampshire
  4. South Dakota
  5. New Jersey
  6. Minnesota
  7. Massachusetts
  8. California
  9. Tennessee
  10. Florida

Worst State for Jobs:

  • 41. Wyoming
  • 42. North Carolina
  • 43. New Mexico
  • 44. Alaska
  • 45. Oklahoma
  • 46. Mississippi
  • 47. Alabama
  • 48. Kentucky
  • 49. Louisiana
  • 50. West Virginia

From WalletHub:

Massachusetts has the highest monthly average starting salary, $3,637, which is 1.8 times higher than in Idaho, registering
the lowest at $2,068.

New Hampshire and South Dakota share the lowest unemployment rate, 2.8 percent, which is 2.4 times lower than in New Mexico,
registering the highest at 6.7 percent.

Maryland has the fewest part-time employees for every 100 full-time employees, 48.47, which is 1.6 times fewer than in Oregon,
registering the most at 77.34.

New Hampshire has the lowest share of workers living in poverty, 3.99 percent, which is 2.7 times lower than in New Mexico,
registering the highest at 10.93 percent.

To view the full report and your state rank, click here.

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