Woman reunited with officer who helped her when she was put in foster care

Woman reunited with officer who helped her when she was put in foster care
(SOURCE: NYPD Facebook)
(SOURCE: NYPD Facebook)

NEW YORK, NY (WMC) - Being taken from your home and placed in foster care, a stranger's home, is a frightening experience for any child.

One woman made it through that day when she was 14 years old - all thanks to a police officer at the time.

Sally Zheng received the surprise of her life on May 25 by the New York City Police Department - she got to say thank you to the officer that made such a difference.

Torres retired from the police force, but for 20 years Zheng has been trying to locate him.

As she graduated high school, then walked across the stage at college graduation, Torres was never far from her mind. She passed each milestone in her life, even becoming a New York City police officer herself. She felt like something was missing before Torres wasn't there with her.

When she had trouble finding him, she joined the NYPD in the hopes she would get to reconnect with him.

The two had only met once, during that dark moment in her life, but she told NYPD she remembered him as the only positive thing in her life during that time.

While Zheng stood at role call for Transit District 30 in Downtown Brooklyn with MPD on May 25, she was given the day she had waited for all this time. She was able to reunite with Torres. NYPD captured the moment on video and posted it to Facebook.

"I'm doing very well," she told him. "I'm so glad you're still here."

"Unbelievable how things turned out," Torres told her.

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