Veteran gives his hat to St. Jude patient during emergency evacuation

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - One St. Jude family is giving thanks to a guardian angel for his act of kindness that turned an emergency situation into an inspiration.

"I was a little freaked out by the evacuation," said Austin's mom Stacy Solis. "I forgot to put everything on him. Just kind of threw him in the chair and we took off."

An emergency evacuation from the Ronald McDonald House left 16-year-old Austin without his new safety net, his hat.

"Before that, he was a typical teen...could walk, talk, everything," Solis said.

Then two months ago, doctors diagnosed Austin with brain cancer. A golf-sized tumor was removed from the back of his brain.

He is just now regaining strength and talking.

So on the day of that evacuation, Austin met a man named Corey.

"Oh, we loved it, we had never met this guy before and it was so meaningful to us and for him to come over, it was just really special, really touching us," Solis said.

Corey told Austin he served multiple tours overseas and that one of the things that kept him safe even on the bad days was his hat.

He then gave that hat to Austin with a message.

"He's a fighter and the hat will keep him safe," Solis said.

One meeting, one message, one gift that Austin and his mom hope to cherish forever.

Austin is completing radiation at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

After that, he will go home before returning for chemotherapy.

We're wishing Austin the very best on his road to recovery!

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