Offer of cold beer in exchange for electricity brings humor to neighborhood

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Desperate times call for desperate measures. Some Memphis residents are starting to show signs of desperation on Day 6 of the power outage.

With more than 20,000 people still without power in Memphis, one MLGW customer decided to try to motivate repair workers.

A sign posted on North Parkway read: "Power crews!! Will trade iced beer for electricity!"

In addition to the humorous desperation, there are many community groups and organizations who are reaching out to help those still left in the dark.

One group came together to help feed older residents who are without power.

"We have been serving over 4,000 to 5,000 people a day," Tyrone Spencer, organizer of the effort, said.

"They are in need of water, of supplies, food, and things of that nature, and we are just trying to get out to them," April Young said. "Some people can't get out of their homes so we are coming to them."

A total of 11 groups with up to 150 volunteers created supply bags and took them to families.

"It's been hectic without power and having to throw away all of your food when you have six kids to feed and an elderly mother to feed too," Lakeisha Jones said.

Volunteers said the time of giving won't stop until all power is repaired and hope is replaced.

"They don't feel hopeless anymore, so I think we are restoring a sense of faith," Young said.

Of course, the offer of a nice cold beer in exchange for electricity adds some humor to a powerless neighborhood.

"It made me laugh because I was like man, they must really need their electricity on bad for them to give cold beer out--real talk," neighbor Nicholas Carter said.

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