Power outage leaves former MLB player stuck inside apartment

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Some people living in an apartment complex have spent almost a week without power, but it's more than an inconvenience - residents said it's dangerous and they have been forced to take drastic measures.

The apartment managers at Rosecrest Apartments said the lack of electricity has forced some of their disabled residents to be stuck inside their apartment.

One of those residents stuck inside is former Major League Baseball player Jim Evans, who is now confined to his bed since the elevators don't work in the building.

"Well, first the elevators don't work, 'cause I"m on the 9th floor," Evans said. "I can't walk without a walker and I got an electric wheelchair but they do no good."

He made the trek once - taking his walker down several stories in the apartment complex to get food - but the pain was too much for him to endure.

"I said this when I did it. 'I will never do that again'," he said.

Other residents said the conditions have just been unbearable and 'ridiculous.'

"We got no air, partial power," resident John Cranford said. "It's getting a little ridiculous over here. Everybody else has power and we don't."

The burden at the apartments is also causing a safety concern for them, according to the residents.

"Half the people are still without power. The ones that do have lights still have no hot water or air," resident Michelle Young said. "There were no lights in the stairs. We had no emergency lights."

Elevators not working, some lights are on and many are not in the apartments and residents said they have been living like this for days.

MLGW said workers prioritize restoring power to hospitals, nursing homes, and senior living facilities first. Although Rosecrest managers said they have several elderly and disabled residents, MLGW said Rosecrest is not technically a senior living facility so they are not a priority.

MLGW said they are aware of the issue at Rosecrest and a troubleshooter has been dispatched to address it.

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