Residents frustrated after a week with no power

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - About 8,000 people are still without power as of Saturday night, a full seven days since strong winds knocked out power to 188,000.

It's not a lot of people, but if you talk to those still without power, many of them will tell you they feel forgotten.

These people are powerless.

"If you ain't got no lights, what can you do?" said Levy Twillie.

What else is there to do besides sit in the heat and commiserate their week-long misery?

"Yes, that's what we been doing," said Jackie Barber. "It's a hundred degrees inside the house. It's hot! We just want our lights on!"

About 170,000 others have their power back, but six homes on Shasta Avenue in North Memphis are part of the last 10,000 yet to get their lights back.

"The last on the list is the way it is," Twillie said.

They say the solution is easy.

"This is just a branch, a branch!" Twillie said.

But they're powerless as help drives right by.

"We done seen them fix the lights on this side, the lights on that side and then they left!" Barber said.

So they just keep sitting.

Meanwhile, others without power are doing anything to escape the heat. Some came to the Ed Rice Community Pool as they stayed open later, until 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday for kids to cool off.

"I brought them today up here to the pool and let them cool off for a while," said Heather Aquino, a mother of six with no power.

Outside, the Salvation Army handed out food for whoever needed a hot meal.

"I thank them for doing this because it would be very hard for me to be able to buy the food and cook at the same time and I lost all my food," Aquino said.

Back on Shasta Avenue, frustration is boiling over.

"I'm here, I'm a witness.  Aww, we got business now!" Barber exclaimed. "Yeah, they saw y'all come over here."

A development! An overhead line crew from Kentucky showed up to remove the branch and save the day.

"Thank you, Kentucky!" Barber screamed in happiness.

Shasta Avenue is just one example of a frustrated city. Many already have relief, but thousands are still waiting for their branch to be removed.

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