Tree smashes through roof, lands where family was sleeping

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)
(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Much of the power has been restored to residents after last week's storm, but some are thankful they're even alive.

"I was just crawling around on the floor. I knew my son was in the bedroom," storm victim Emma Satcher said.

Satcher knew it could be bad. She and her boyfriend were in the bedroom where a tree landed after crashing through their home.

"It just knocked me on the floor," she said.

It broke her boyfriend Jeffrey Jackson's collarbone.

"Knocked me out. She woke me up, and all I felt was rain water coming through the house," Jackson said.

Satcher was determined to get to her son in the next bedroom with his girlfriend.

"I said God I said I got to get in here with my son. I said, Lord I can't open the door," she said. "I said please let me open the door."

Then, he came out of the bedroom.

"He said 'Momma, I'm alright,'" Satcher said.

Her son only had a couple scratches on his forehead after the huge tree smashed the bed he was sleeping in.

He said he still doesn't know how he managed to get out. All he remembers is his girlfriend, who was not hurt, screaming.

In the light of day, reality set in for the family.

The family was renting the home when the damage happened. Now, they're moving out their furniture that was salvageable.

The don't have renters insurance so they lost a lot. But, they know what is important - being alive.

The family is living with a friend now and Holmes said in the future he plans to live in places that are not near any trees.

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