Inmate transferred to new prison after posting pictures on Facebook

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An inmate who used social media to taunt his victim's family has been transferred, thanks to WMC Action News 5.

"Out of the three offenders that were charged with killing my husband, I think he was the most dangerous one," Beverly Shelley said.

Shelley's husband was murdered during a robbery four years ago. One of those convicted of his murder used social media to taunt Shelley and her family.

Derek Cunningham pleaded guilty to killing Collierville Contractor JP Shelley.

After reporting the violations to Tennessee Department of Corrections officials, action was taken.

"Further away from Memphis, from this area where his connections are and bad influences are," Shelley said.

WMC sent the Facebook profile with the images of Cunningham to TDOC officials.

Those images prompted an investigation, and Cunningham has been relocated from the Northwest Correctional Complex to the Morgan County Correctional Complex.

"Many factors go into an inmate's classification including, but not limited to, disciplinary history and programmatic needs," one TDOC official said.

Shelley said she forgives Cunningham and wants him to be rehabilitated.

"I hope that he does change his life while in prison," Shelley said. "Give them [inmates] some guidance and give them a better path to life."

TDOC has been cracking down on contraband, such as cell phones, in recent years. There is even a list of recent contraband arrests across the state. In total there have been 23 arrests related to contraband this year.

Cunningham's attorney said he has filed an appeal to his murder conviction. His attorney also said he was unaware of the transfer.

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