Former Trezevant coach calls principal's resignation letter 'slander'

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A fiery six-page resignation letter, filled with accusations against Trezevant High School and school officials, has all high schools to undergo a grade audit and prompted investigations.

The letter at the center of a Shelby County Schools investigation has created chaos - especially in the lives of the people mentioned in it.

But one former coach from the school said he is mentioned in the resignation letter and now wants to clear his name.

Calvin Harris, a Trezevant High School graduate, and former varsity volleyball coach, said it's time for him to clear his name against the allegations made by former principal Ronnie Mackin. Harris wasn't mentioned by name, but he was mentioned by title.

"He put in that letter some very harmful things, some things that were disheartening," Harris said.

In the letter, Mackin said Harris was involved in providing keys to students, who would later allegedly break-in the school and steal $50,000 worth of items. The letter also claimed Harris was having inappropriate sexual relationships with staff members.

But, Harris said none of it is true.

"For him to continually still put my name in there after I'm gone and all of this here, it's just straight slander," Harris said.

As for the allegations that teachers helped students to vandalize his car - or grade discrepancies - Harris said he doesn't believe those things took place.

"It just seemed like he had a personal vendetta against that coach and still it just to the point where the coach and Board of Education thought it best that he not be here for remainder of this school year," Harris said.

Harris said he just wants the chaos to cease and Trezevant to bounce back.

"In every situation, Trezevant has always been able to bounce back in these situations," Harris said.

Mackin has not spoken publicly since the resignation letter came out.

There is currently an audit into all SCS high school transcripts and there is expected to be a special called board meeting Thursday regarding the letter.

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