2 women in Range Rover snatching plants, furniture from homes

(SOURCE: NextDoor)
(SOURCE: NextDoor)
(SOURCE: NextDoor)
(SOURCE: NextDoor)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Outdoor furniture can be expensive so some people like to chain it down. But, neighbors in Cooper-Young and Harbor Town said two women are trolling their neighborhoods stealing ferns and furniture.

Copper-Young residents have posted on the NextDoor app photos of two women in a dark Range Rover stealing ferns off porches.

"They're not expensive. That's what makes this so bizarre," one resident said.

The neighbor who got the photo said the suspects seemed to be in a hurry to get away. There are also reports the women have lifted furniture on porches and other plants.

"I immediately looked to see if my furniture or stuff like that was gone or my bird bath," Cooper-Young resident Tracy Tidwell said.

Resident Ahmed El-Hamarna said his ferns and furniture had not been tampered with but he said the crime is disconcerting.

"It's an invasion of privacy," he said. "They're getting on our porch. That's your personal property. This is where you come to rest."

Residents said the women in the Range Rover have been seen in the Harbor Town area also.

One man said he saw one of the women get out and pick up one of his plants. But when he opened the door, she put it down. Another neighbor said she saw the Range Rover driving fast.

Neighbors also said the women appear to be using different colored wigs to disguise themselves.

"We're Cooper-Young. We're just not going to tolerate this activity," one resident said.

Residents said the porch thieves appear to be middle-aged and at least one of them has long blonde hair.

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