SCS educator says administrator changed students’ grades

SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A Shelby County educator is speaking out about grades he said were changed for his students.

It comes just days after similar allegations were made by a principal resigning from Trezevant High School.

An audit is being conducted to look at all SCS high transcripts, and a former teacher said that's a good thing because he believes grades are being changed at more schools than just Trezevant.

"I feel like the attitude that there is a small isolated incident is wrong," said Michael Pleasant, a former teacher at Hamilton High School.  

It's why Pleasants stepped up and spoke up at Thursday night's special called Board Meeting.

In front of the SCS School Board and the Superintendent, he acknowledged knowing about student grades being changed at other SCS high schools.

"Everybody knows that a lot of people do it," Pleasants said.

In fact, Pleasants said he discovered an administrator changing grades for students in his Government and Economic classes.

He said he uncovered the discrepancies in the Memphis Virtual School, the online grade book.

"I could actually see the user data of the individual that had admin access making changes in my grade books," Pleasants said.

He said about a dozen students, who wouldn't have graduated without passing, were given 70's even though they failed.

Pleasants said he made a report through the SCS reporting hotline.

"Things like grade floors," Pleasants said. "Things like principal putting pressure on the teacher to change grades."

Pleasants said he hopes the current investigations will help clean up a systemic problem.

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