Couple spends decades preparing for 'Great American Eclipse'

(Source: Great American Eclipse)
(Source: Great American Eclipse)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An Oregon couple believes their property has the best view for the highly anticipated 'Great American Eclipse' predicted to happen in August.

In 1979, during the last total solar eclipse visible in Oregon, overcast skies blocked the view for many in the area. As a result, Jon Brewster and his wife began planning for the next one to make sure they get the best view possible.

"We've been planning for all of these years to be ready for the big, great American Eclipse," Jon Brewster said. "We build the house here in order to be in line with the eclipse."

It has been decades of work for two minutes of totality.

"All of this work for two minutes," Brewster said. "I'm like, 'Yes, of course.' It was never a question."

The Brewster's house is positioned perfectly for the August 21 eclipse. It's in the middle of nature, away from city lights, and equipped with a 7-foot dome covering a high-tech telescope.

"I wrote the dome control software and attached it to the scope software," he explained, despite only claiming to be an amateur astronomer.

The Brewsters didn't go to all of this work just to enjoy the eclipse themselves. They've invited 100 friends to join them.

"Can't hardly believe it's time already. After all of these years, here we are," he said.

After the 'Great American Eclipse' in August, the next total eclipse won't happen until April 8, 2024.

See the eclipse in Tennessee

In Tennessee, the closest place for Memphians to get a great view of the eclipse will be Nashville where it is expected to last one minute and 57 seconds and will start at 1:27 p.m.

10 great places to see the eclipse

Seeing the eclipse in Tennessee

Clarksville: 2:19 of totality

Gallatin: 2:40 of totality

Nashville: 1:57 of totality

Lebanon: 2:37 of totality

Cookeville: 2:32 of totality

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