MABJ journalists hope to inspire youth at panel

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - African-American journalists gathered to inspire a new generation of truth seekers and reporters across the nation.

The event was hosted by the local chapter of Memphis Association of Black Journalists and drew a crowd from across the Mid-South on Saturday.

Panelists, including WMC Action News 5's own Jerry Askin, shared their experiences and gave those in attendance an in-depth look at it's like to be a journalist.

"We want to show them interviewing techniques," said Memphis Association of Black Journalists President Siobhan Riley. "How they go about getting stories in the field, and they are going to meet with a lot of these men and women and talk to them about what it takes to be a journalist."

The panel not only shared a glimpse of what a day in their world looks likes, they also spoke about the important role they, as members of the media, play to eliminate negative stereotypes of African-American males.

"You hear sad stories, and I am tired of hearing sad stories," said high school student Clive Grey. "I want to hear success."

Panelists presented paths made to make those changes and how they plan to get involved in the lives of young men in Memphis through mentorship.

"To change the narrative and make it more of a positive narrative, and I think when they see the men that they have on this panel, I think that's a start," Riley said.

The start of a change to narrative around the lives and images of African-American men in the news and in society.

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