Riders ready for Germantown’s 69th annual Charity Horse Show

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - It's the weekend of the 69th annual Germantown Charity Horse Show.

The equestrian competition helps raise money for different organizations, including one that works to prevent child abuse.

Many people travel from around the country to participate, but one rider said she is here to win.

"I was the little girl who always had my little ponies and I still have them, still have the pony mansion, but never rode horses," said rider Beth VonBrecht.

Beth is not your typical rider. She started training as an equestrian later than most, and her family was not fully on board when she broke the news.

"Hell no, I think you are crazy," her father, Richard VonBrecht, said. "And all I can think about is this is going to cost me a fortune."

But, Dad finally got on board, and now Beth has been riding for more than a decade.

"As she's riding and she's jumping over the jumps, I'll kick out my leg like I'm helping the horse get over the jump," Richard said.

The competitions couldn't be done without her best friend and teammate, Melody.

"She'll do things for me that I don't know that she would do for anybody else," Beth said. "She's just a competitor, she wants to win and I really think she wants to win for me."

Before the competition can begin, preparations are tedious.

"It almost helps me get into the zone to polish my boots and make sure I put my spurs on and wipe any dust off of my hat," Beth said.

Beth said that riders have superstitions that go beyond the lucky horseshoe.

"Everyone thinks it's disgusting but I will wear the same boots socks for an entire circuit of competition," Beth said. "And they smell, I mean the smell terrible."

Beth hopes her lucky unwashed socks will pay off in Sunday's Grand Prix Competition.

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