‘Pure chaos:’ party ends with 3 people shot

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A late night party in Memphis turned violent after an altercation sparked a hail of gunfire.

At least one of the three victims from Saturday night's shooting was critically injured.

Bullets slammed into front doors and crashed through windows, and there are still signs of the violence from a party that witnesses say was out of control.

Neighbors called it "pure chaos."

Memphis police said three people were hit by the shots, a 24-year-old woman, and two men ages 18 and 20. Witnesses said it was a shootout between multiple people, with more than a dozen shots fired.

No one died in the shooting, and only one of the victims went to the hospital in critical condition.

It all took place right across the street from the Crump Precinct of the Memphis Police Department.

"All of a sudden I heard, 'pow pow pow pow pow!'" said Frank Ford, who was inside his apartment when the shots were fired. "I look and they're running and going on, hollering and everything! You know just a lot of mess and everything."

Ford said the party was out of hand for a long time before the gunshots. With police cruisers driving back and forth to the station right next to the apartments, he thinks Memphis police officers should have intervened earlier.

"They could have stopped that," Ford said. "All they have to do was find out what's really going on. Is y'all having a party over here or what? You can't do that over here."

Now the feeling of safety from living so close to MPD is gone for Ford.

"You're scared to walk down the street!" Ford said.

It's replaced with concern for the one man critically injured.

"I hope the young man that got shot, I hope he doesn't pass," Ford said.

Ford has a plea that countless others in Memphis share.

"Just stop the violence," Ford said.

He also thinks our youth needs to change their priorities in order for there to be peace.

"These young folks are not listening," Ford said. "They got their mind on I got more money than you, that is not what it's about."

One man who does maintenance work on the apartment building said he's had multiple calls from residents that gunshots went through their windows, walls, and doors of the apartments.

He said a security camera caught surveillance video of the incident but he didn't share that video with us.

Memphis police said no arrests have been made and this is an ongoing investigation.

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