Woman nearly hit by car describes collision that caused water main break

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A water main break caused by an out-of-control driver Sunday night left 200 houses in Midtown without water.

Brenda Wilkerson and her boyfriend were taking a leisurely stroll along Peabody Avenue near Belvedere Boulevard around 8:30 p.m. when a pick-up truck came careening around the corner.

"We suddenly heard a loud noise that sounded like an explosion, followed by a noise that sounded like a chain saw," Wilkerson said.

The first sound they heard was the truck crashing into a parked Mercedes.

"Then this truck, missing a wheel, came shooting around the corner, throwing sparks, and almost came up onto the sidewalk and hit us," she recalled.

After nearly hitting them, the truck crashed into a fire hydrant, sending water rushing down Peabody Avenue between Cleveland Street and Watkins Street.

Karen Ralston is one of the people in the neighborhood whose water was shut off overnight.

"That was lovely, because I was planning on doing two loads of laundry this morning and taking a shower and everything," Ralston said. "We can't."

Wilkerson, who also lives in the neighborhood never lost water, but she is still at a loss for words over what happened.

"I'm constantly running, walking around the neighborhood and I've never seen something like that happen," she said.

MLGW said there were two leaks on Peabody Avenue on Monday. One of the leaks was repaired by 3 p.m. The second one was expected to be completed later in the afternoon.

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