Family: 2-year-old shot in head 'not responding'

2-year-old Laylah Washington (Source: Family)
2-year-old Laylah Washington (Source: Family)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 2-year-old girl remains in the hospital after she was shot in the head Sunday night.

Family members identified the child as Laylah Washington. She will require brain surgery.

"Right now, she's not responding to anything. Nothing," the child's uncle, Terry Washington, said. "Right now she is just laying up there and everything and her mom is with her. We are taking turns, you know, everyone going to visit."

Washington said he is fearful his 2-year-old niece will not survive.

"I'm trying to get them [shooters] caught because this right here baby don't make no sense," Washington said. "I'm glad I don't who they are. I really truly am, because if I did, I'd probably be in jail right now."

Memphis Police Department released new information Monday morning on the events that led to the shooting.

Laylah's mother told police she was in a parking lot on Winchester Road with her daughter, waiting for her two sons to get off work.

The woman told police there were several cars "driving crazy" around the parking lot and one of the men, who was driving a Chevy Impala, nearly hit her car.

She yelled, "Don't hit my car!" at the man, who then yelled something inaudible back at her.

The woman drove across the street and picked up her sons. She then drove out of the shopping center but didn't realize the Chevy Impala was following her until she turned on Kirby Parkway.

The woman said she heard shots and told her kids to get down.

When she realized the 2-year-old was shot, she drove to a fire station for help.

At last check, the toddler was in critical condition. No other injuries were reported.

"She is brain dead and normally when you are brain dead, most people know that the situation will turn out to be," Washington said. "To those guys that done it, I don't have anything against you. I don't know nothing about you. But, I ain't going to lie, if I was near you I would probably be the one going to the penitentiary."

Laylah's brother said she loves playing basketball and playing with her toys.

"I feel like justice needs to be served for whoever shot that 2-year-old baby, because it's just sad," family friend Saundra Patterson said. "Wouldn't no one expect for their baby to be shot. A 2-year-old baby, she's innocent."

"Now what if somebody came along and did that to your family member?" Washington asked.

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