St. Jude uses cutting edge technology to save lives

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is known for saving the lives of children who have not only suffered from cancer but any catastrophic childhood disease.

Staff scientist, Dr. Karlsson, studies how nutrition relates to infectious diseases and has helped children who have undergone bone marrow transplants or chemotherapy.

"So here in the department of infectious diseases, what our task really is, is to make sure our patients don't get sick because if they do get sick we can't treat them for the cancers they do have," Dr. Karlsson said.

The department has stayed current on developing vaccines and new ways to fight infectious diseases.

"We have a good manufacturing facility here, so whatever I learn here on the bench, I can take and make in a sterile manner, and then that can be used, not necessarily in the hospital but start to understand how we can translate what we find into humans as well."

Dr. Karlsson called St. Jude a scientific candy land because new technologies are constantly being introduced in the hunt for new cures.

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