Actual scientists are helping KFC send a chicken sandwich into space

Actual scientists are helping KFC send a chicken sandwich into space

(WMC) - You may have seen the commercials and thought it was a funny joke. But no, Kentucky Fried Chicken is actually sending a chicken sandwich into space.

Rob Lowe is not leading you astray.

As opposed to just letting this campaign run its course as a joke, KFC is working with legitimate scientists on a legitimate space program to legitimately send a legitimate chicken sandwich into actual space.

If you still don't believe it, they launched a website, justly titled

The Zinger 1 mission will launch on June 21, with a KFC Zinger sandwich in tow.

Real scientists with World View, a company that focuses on stratospheric research, discussed the program, and it may not be as insane and wasteful as you might think.

"Our mission is to change people's perspective on the Earth," World View Chief Technology Officer Taber MacCallum said.

Officials said the mission could help with climate predictions and forecast models.

"So, the Zinger helps by being our first payload on our first main voyage," MacCallum said.

The chicken sandwich will make its way into the stratosphere, where it will study the Earth from above.

KFC said (jokingly) that the sandwich has underwent extensive testing and training to ensure its safety.

KFC plans to live stream this launch of a real chicken sandwich into the Earth's stratosphere. Buckle up, little Zinger!

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