Kevin Bacon and his brother to perform in Germantown

You know him from the more than 80 films and television shows he's starred in, but Wednesday night Kevin Bacon takes on the role of rock star in Germantown.
Bacon, 58, and his brother Michael, 67, are on tour with their band, The Bacon Brothers, performing at Germantown Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.
WMC Action News 5 sat down with the brothers inside the Peabody Hotel's Corner Bar to discuss songwriting, performing live, and sibling rivalry.
In addition to their film careers--Kevin as an actor, Michael as a film scorer--the brothers Bacon have been making music together for decades, releasing their first full album in 1997.
"We call our music fo-ro-so-co, which means folk, rock, soul, country. So, we let the songs drive the arrangements,” Michael said. “We're not a rock band; we're kind of a song writer's band. And so if the song requires a hard rock kind of feel, that's what it gets. If it requires something very acoustic and gentle that's what it gets. A lot of harmonies."
For Kevin Bacon, portraying a character on film or in a television role is quite different than performing on stage with his brother.
As part of The Bacon Brothers, the actor is up there without the support of a script or role.
"With an acting job, there's always a character. I don't want to put Kevin Bacon into an acting part. I don't want to feel like me. I want to feel like the guy when the camera turns on. I'm certainly using myself but I also want to lose myself in that part. But when it comes to singing and writing songs, it's our clothes, it's our instruments, our voices, our experiences, how we feel. There is a little bit more of a direct line,” Kevin said.
The brothers have been touring together for years in between other gigs.
Their bond is evident, finishing each other’s sentences and seeming to genuinely enjoy their time together.
"It's different than brothers who are like a year or two apart. We have nine years between us so it's not the same kind of classic brothers beating the crap out of each other," Kevin said. “Our parents were the type of people who would discourage any kind of infighting with their children.”
Here, Michael interjects.
“Well I fought with my sisters,” he said. To which Kevin replied, “Oh you did? OK. Well forget that then, haha.”

The brothers have been to Memphis before. In fact, Kevin was once an honorary Duck Master at The Peabody Hotel.

His niece lives here and Tuesday night, the family got together for a backyard barbecue.
Tickets are still available for Wednesday night’s show at GPAC.

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