Germantown PD searching for car burglary suspects

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - A Germantown neighborhood is apparently the focus of one or more car burglars.

On Tuesday night alone, at least five cars in one neighborhood were broken into.

Neighbors think the thieves were going from car to car, looking for easy targets.

In some cases, nothing was taken, but victims still want the people responsible caught.

Though the thieves didn't get away with much, having your car rummaged through is still irritating.

"When I opened my door, everything was sitting neatly on my seat," said Bill Carson.

Carson said he found his car belongings in disarray Tuesday morning, and it wasn't long after he called police out that he realized he wasn't the only one.

In fact, four car break-ins were reported to Germantown Police. All of them happened just blocks away from each other in the English Meadows neighborhood.

One victim said she leaves her doors unlocked so that her windows won't be busted out. She also said she also doesn't leave anything of value in her car, and in her case, the thief got away with nothing.

Police reports show the burglars didn't get away with anything in two of the break-ins.

The thieves did get away with gift cards and computer hardware at another home, and they only got about $8 worth of change from Carson's car.

"I guess they were looking for guns that people carry," Carson said.

That small amount of money still amounted to a breach of Carson's sense of security.

"Usually I have my alarm on, but I didn't that one time and they got me," Carson said. "I almost blame myself for not locking my doors."

No one has been arrested yet for these crimes. If you know anything, you are asked to call Germantown police.

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