Dad creates sign for cars urging not to shoot children

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - Garland Miller has a big message hanging from his rear-view mirror.

"You know, you have to let people know you have children in the car, and you don't want them to shoot in your car," Miller said.

He created air fresheners that say "Baby on board, Don't shoot children." On the back, it reads "Urge to save children."

Miller got the idea following Sunday night's deadly shooting that killed 2-year-old Laylah Washington.

"My daughter's name is Layla, and when I heard about what happened, I couldn't sleep," Miller said.

His 12-year-old daughter sparked the idea, so he decided to use his company, Urge Airomatherapy, to save lives.

These air fresheners come in two different colors – pink if you have a girl and blue if you have a boy.

Neighbors are starting to pay attention, and they say this is a unique way to stop the violence.

"To show everybody that we need to take care of our children and protect our children and stop the violence and the shootings," said Connie Taylor. "It's just crazy our kids have to go through this and be scared for their lives just to walk to the store or go anywhere."

Miller hopes others will get on board and share the message.

"One of these, it wouldn't be nothing, but if 100,000 people have these riding around in their car, then even subliminally they would notice," Miller said. "If it weren't for any signs in the world, all of us would get lost at some point."

Miller is keeping his own daughter safe with the new sign of "Baby on board" that has a whole new meaning.

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