276 homes burglarized after May 27 storms

FRAYSER, TN (WMC) - There is still damage all across the city as people try to clean up debris from the severe storms Memorial Day weekend.

Many families were also taken advantage of after the storm hit.

"Just violating people's homes like that, it's really wrong, it's wrong," said Amber Diapola, whose home was burglarized after the storm.

Diapola is still mad and frustrated after police said burglars forced their way inside of her Frayser home through the roof after a large tree fell on top during last month's storm.

Diapola and her husband's home lost power so while they were out, thieves went inside and stole guns, purses, TV, jewelry, and much more.

"Please think about what you're doing," Diapola said. "Think about the people you're hurting."

During the week-and-a-half power outage, police said there were 276 residential burglaries.

"People need to be caught and punished so the next group of people don't try this next time we have to a big storm," Diapola said.

This comes the same week as Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam requested federal aid, asking President Donald Trump to declare 12 Tennessee counties a major disaster.

As for Diapola and her family, they're simply trying to bounce back.

"Just going through the insurance process and trying to get everything settled," Diapola said.

Diapola said she's still working to get her roof fixed, but in the meantime, she's now staying with family.

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