Thunderstorm batters areas still recovering from Memorial Day storms

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It was just three weeks ago to the day that 188,000 people lost their power in one of the strongest storms in Memphis history.

On Father's Day, some are still cleaning up from that storm, as another powerful line of storms pushed through pretty quickly and were gone in about a half hour.

Sunday's storm brought whipping winds, heavy downpours, and scattered damage.

"The wind starts blowing like crazy, the power goes out, and then five minutes after the power goes out, I hear a huge boom," said Thad Caperton, who had a tree fall on his home.

It was yet another example of the damage that could have been much worse.

"They weren't home at the time, because I assume someone could have been hurt in that house," Caperton said.

Caperton's neighborhood just got their power back two weeks ago after the first storm. Now it's frustratingly out again, as 26,000 people lost power at one point Sunday afternoon.

"Hopefully it's back on tonight; that's my wish," Caperton said.

Just minutes after the storm blew through, 11-year-old Spencer Sprowles was already helping his mom clean up their front yard.

"I just want to help people," Sprowles said.

Over in Germantown, they needed more high-powered help to clean up the mess left from a tree that split in half after being struck by lightning.

"I hear this big boom, and then the lightning, big beams of lightning over here and I knew it was really close," said Hugh McGowan, who saw lightning strike the tree.

When lightning struck the tree, the bark exploded off it, leaving it completely smooth.

"Two weeks ago we just had that house hit with a tree, and now we're getting lightning," McGowan said.

Many were left saying, "not again" after the storm.

"Scary, annoying, not much you can do about," Caperton said.

Many neighborhoods cleaned up messes yet again, as all hope for at least a few weeks of calm weather.

"Yeah, just some gentle rains and showers, no more front line winds," Caperton said.

So far, there have been no reports of any injuries associated with the storm.

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