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70 surveillance cameras to be installed throughout residential, high crime areas

A skycop camera (Source: WMC Action News 5) A skycop camera (Source: WMC Action News 5)

The Memphis Police Department and Memphis City Council are pushing for surveillance cameras in the council's seven districts to combat chronic crime. Each of the districts will be allotted 10 aerial surveillance cameras that will be mounted on poles in residential areas.

Research has proven that the presence of surveillance cameras throughout the community has deterred drug activity, gang-related violence, and other violent crimes. Since the Sentinel Camera Project was unanimously approved by the city council in April 2016, MPD is now using police data to identify problem areas within the districts.

MPD has charted areas of high crime based on the number of incident reports and which days or times have the most crime. These are the neighborhoods that they believe will benefit the most from extra surveillance. 

Those involved with the project believe that placement of these cameras should not be determined by whether or not the community can afford it. They say these areas typically have the highest crime rates. The goal of the project is to have surveillance cameras distributed equally within all city council districts. 

Funding was approved for the first year of the program, amounting to $500,000. All camera locations that have been determined by MPD will be approved by the city council. 

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