Germantown alderman blocks 40 people from Facebook, claims safety issues

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - One Germantown alderman said he is taking a stance on issues but is making some dangerous enemies as a result.

Alderman Dean Massey said he is somewhat controversial because of taking public stances on taxes and the school system. Now, he said he feels that's enough to make enemies.

But, one Germantown resident is wanting answers to how she fits into all of it.

Alys Drake, a PR consultant, said she was blocked on Facebook by Massey.

"For an alderman to block me on social media just was actually painful to me because I've done nothing to him," Drake said.

Drake asked the newly elected alderman why he blocked her from his personal Facebook page, along with about 40 other people - which includes the mayor of Germantown and the public relations director.

"So when I confronted him about it, he basically said I was associated with some bad people based on our exchange," Drake said.

Massey won't talk specifics, even though he said many of the people associated with city hall are political operatives in his opinion.

"Some people may have restricted access just by virtue of the fact they were associated with people I wasn't comfortable with having unlimited access to my family's Facebook page with family photos and knowing when I might be home," Massey said.

Drake said she has never threatened Massey and what makes things awkward is Drake is on a commission in Germantown that Massey is the alderman liaison to. Massey admits he talks politics on his personal page and he is worried what could happen when photos of his family and their activities are accessed by the wrong people.

"Whether you're talking bodily injury or a situation someone does something to your property or to your business, I think it's a possibility," Massey said.

But Drake wants answers.

"If I'm associated with people who are bad people I'd like to know who they are," Drake said.

Massey said he only has his personal Facebook page. He said he does not have two different pages, a public, and a private page because he doesn't have time for two Facebook pages.

Massey recently caught some heat for posting the addresses of his fellow alderman on Facebook.

He also said people can contact him by email or phone.

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