Two deer fighting over food plot captured on camera

Two deer fighting over food plot captured on camera

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TN (WMC) - It's not all that unusual to see deer this time of the year, especially in rural West Tennessee. But what is unusual is to have a camera captured two deer dueling it out.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wildlife officer Bubba Spencer captured the great dual between two deer on a trail camera in Hardeman County.

Spencer said the two deer were fighting over a small foot plot that was about 1/4 acre.

"I have some trail cameras that pick up pictures and video," Spencer said.

He said the deer were captured fighting on pictures and then a short time later they were seen on video.

"You can see them laying their ears back [in photos] and then right after that the video picks them up fighting," he said.

Spencer said the fight happened because of the size of the food plot and timing.

"They were both eating. Anytime you get two animals the same size like that nobody wants to back down," Spencer said. "I think if it would have been a bigger food plot I don't think it would have been an issue."

He said it happens frequently in small food plots and when animals are eating at the same time.

"We just happened to catch it on video this time," Spencer said.

He said there were no injuries to either deer.

"Nobody got hurt," he said.

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