Family still without power braces for next round of storms

FRAYSER, TN (WMC) - The Mid-South could get the worst of the severe weather Friday morning, and all day City of Memphis crews have been cleaning out drains and bracing for potential flooding.

It's even more dangerous for people still cleaning up from the Memorial Day weekend storm.

Some families fear for another round of damage to their home, especially one still living in the dark with no power for almost a month.

"Well when the storm hit, the trees fell on the power lines and the power lines pulled the weather head from the house," said James Edwards.

Edwards said MLGW cannot restore the power to their house.

"The weather head was tore up," Edwards said. "They said if they restore the energy, the power... it might catch fire or something."

MLGW says fixing the broken weather head is a homeowner's responsibility.

The couple says without homeowner's insurance, they cannot afford to repair the electrical device on their own.

"We didn't have any income to fix anything, so we just ... he saves and hustled up a thing we could to just buy a generator," said Edsorena Reed.

A spokesperson for MLGW said the family must fix the device before service can be restored and it must be inspected by code enforcement.

Now, the couple is asking for outside help to get their lights back on.

"We need utilities," Reed said. "We need air! It is too hot for this! I can't do this."

To report any damage or power outages you may have, contact MLGW at (901) 544-6500.

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