Woman claims MPD officer shot, killed her dog for no reason

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A woman is upset after she said her dog was shot and killed in front of her 2-year-old child by a Memphis police officer. But, police said the dog was a threat to the officer.

Memphis Police Department said the dog, a white pit bull named Lucky, charged at the officer and that officer shot and killed the animal.

But Britney Dockery said that's not what happened.

Dockery said she had an argument with her boyfriend at their home in the 1000 block of White Station Road. After the argument, she left the house and went to work. Apparently, a neighbor called police about domestic violence. She received a call at work from her boyfriend about an hour later.

"I got a phone call and the police are here and your dog is dead in the middle of the yard," Dockery said.

She said when police arrived at the home they asked if there were dogs in the house. Her boyfriend told the officer she had a dog and then Lucky came outside.

"It likes new people. I guess it went around him," she said.

Dockery said Lucky was shot in the stomach and twice in the head in front of her 2-year-old child.

"It's no need to go back and shoot two times," Dockery said.

According to Dockery, the dog was barking and did not charge.

She said her 2-year-old child saw the dog get killed and a neighbor heard four gunshots.

"All I heard was bam, bam and it stopped. I heard two more shots fired and I was like what's going on," neighbor Will Moate said.

Moate walked outside his home and saw police at his neighbor's house and the neighbor's 7-year-old pit bull dead in the front yard.

According to the homeowner, one of the shots damaged her neighbor's car.

Dockery said the whole thing was captured on a security camera. The video from the neighbor's camera shows a police officer fall to the ground and then get back up. It's not clear if this is before or after the shooting.

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