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Monkey at Memphis Zoo sets world record

Ripley (Source: Memphis Zoo) Ripley (Source: Memphis Zoo)
(Source: Memphis Zoo) (Source: Memphis Zoo)

Memphis Zoo is home to a record setting monkey.

Tanah, a 22-year-old Francois Langur, gave birth to Ripley. At 22 years old, Tanah is the oldest Francois Langur to give birth, according to the Francois Langur Species Survival Plan.

Ripley--named in honor of the record-breaking fact--comes from "Ripley's Believe It or Not."

Ripley is on exhibit now at the Francois Langur exhibit, which is located next to the Giant Panda exhibit.

It's very easy to spot Ripley in his exhibit. That's because he is bright orange, not black like his parents. All baby Francois Langurs are born orange. As they get older, their orange fades to black.

Memphis Zoo has had Francois Langurs on exhibit since 2002.

“This is our third François langur birth in three years,” said Courtney Janney, Curator of Large Mammals.  “These animals live in social groups, and their young are raised communally. Tanah is taking very good care of him, but sisters Jean Grey and Raven spend a lot of time helping out by carrying him around!”

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