Woman carjacked in driveway, gun held to her face

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Midtown Memphis woman is hoping for justice after three men attacked her and stole her car in her driveway.

Samantha Riley said her attackers were hiding when she arrived at her Evergreen home.

Riley said she can identify her attackers. She went into a detailed description of the three men who attacked her, but now she needs help catching them so police can put them behind bars.

"I looked the guy straight in the face as he held a gun to me," Samantha Riley said.

Riley believes the three men were snooping through her garage and changed their target to her when she pulled into the driveway Saturday morning around 1.

Just as she got out of the car, one of the three men shouted 'hey, stop.'

"I turned around and the guy had a gun to my head and he was like, 'give me your purse,' and then he asked me for my keys and I hesitated about my keys," Riley said.

But out of fear for her life, she handed them over.

In return, Riley said she was punched and beaten with the gun.

"After he got done punching me, that brought me to my knees and they opened up my car," Riley said.

She said the men didn't bother to shut the car doors before they took off in her Toyota Camry.

"You don't realize how safe, or unsafe, your area is until that happens and you think about how you can protect yourself," Riley said.

Security changes are coming soon to Riley's North McLean home.

"We are trying to be trusting with our neighborhood, you know? Then something like this happens," Riley said.

Riley is now resting at home and she has her guard up.

Officers were able to track down Riley's car. Now, they're searching for any fingerprints or other evidence left behind by the three attackers.

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