Pair of thieves use Walmart merchandise to steal from Walmart

(Source: Walmart)
(Source: Walmart)

HERNANDO, MS (WMC) - A pair of thieves didn't need to bring their own tools when they knocked off a north Mississippi Walmart.

The pair stole high-priced electronics from the Hernando Walmart, but before they went to the electronics department, they stopped off at the Walmart's hardware section.

Surveillance video shows the two men casually shopping at the store around 2 a.m. Monday.

Investigators said the shoplifters picked up a couple hammers from the hardware section and then made their way to the electronics section.

They used the hammers to bust out glass cases and take what they wanted.

"[They] stole five game consoles, put them in their buggie, and as they exited the rear of the store, they picked up a big, flat screen TV," Hernando Police Department Captain Kyle Hodge said.

The thieves left the store through the fire exit, jumping into a Dodge getaway car--which waited outside with two more suspects ready to drive the group to safety.

"There weren't a lot of associates in there [Walmart] and just no one around. They took their opportunity--30 to 40 seconds--to grab as much as they could and go," Hodge said.

Hernando Police Department said it is investigating thefts at two other nearby Walmarts. It's unclear at this time if the thieves seen in surveillance video at the Hernando Walmart are responsible for thefts at the Kosciusko and Forrest Mississippi Walmart locations.

If you have any information that could help investigators solve these crimes, call Crime Stoppers at 662-429-TIPS.

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