'Red Robber' might have left behind trademark clothes, remains on the run

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Neighbors are on high alert after a man dressed in all red rummaged through their things and stole from them.

The man in red took a mower and weed eater from one home, change and a cell phone from someone's unlocked truck, and even a little red wagon and a 2-year-old's lunch box. He did his work across Central Avenue in the daylight.

Neighbors said the thief wears all red and a home surveillance camera caught him as he peered into 2-year-old Willa's backyard where she stored her little red wagon.

The child's little red wagon caught the eye of the man in red who was caught on camera swiping it when no one was looking, along with her lunch box.
Police reports said that's not all he has taken over the past few days at Central Avenue homes.

"He doesn't seem to be a hardened criminal out to do anything other than steal whatever he can find," neighbor Ed Harris said.

Those items then piled up in Harris' yard. He believes his locked gate deterred the thieves.

After the man nicknamed the Red Robber collected loot from their homes, the neighbor said he took off down a ditch with their things and one brave neighbor even chased after him.

"He tried the best he could; this guy is really fast. He chased him through the ditch and unfortunately lost him," Harris said.

Police said he left behind a trail--a red shirt and hat in the ditch.

Officers found and returned little Willa's wagon.

While he may be missing his trademark color, neighbors said they're watching just in case he strikes again.

"Whichever color he wants to choose, we'll be prepared," Harris said.

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